Sunday, October 21, 2007

Evolution of a Scam

Just got this e-mail this afternoon:


Please your assistance if fully needed, if you
have been scammed before by
some Nigerian internet users that claimed to be
an online boyfriend or
girlfriend or online Business associate or eBay
buyers/ Sellers, some of
these people claimed to be Americans and these
men and women are
Nigerians, the federal government established
this program to refund the
victims of internet scams, we are assuring you
that for the past 6 months
that we have started this programme we have
sentenced 65 men and 12 women
to jail for their involvement in internet fraud.
Please if you are a
victim and you have evidence to prove, then mail
us for assistance and

However, lets work together to stop internet
fraud and to make Nigeria a
fraud free country. Thanks for taking time to
read this email and for
further assistance please send an email to

Anti Nigeria Scams Department

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